Webmaster : You met Iggy Pop in 1977 at le Chateau d`Herouville near Paris. What were your first impressions on him ?

Ricky Gardiner : He was a friendly man full of life.

Webmaster : How have you been able to suggest your own compositions in the duet Iggy / Bowie ?

Ricky Gardiner : It was all very mutual. Ideas were freely exchanged.

Webmaster : How was Bowie's behaviour with Iggy & his musicians ?

Ricky Gardiner : David was always the gentleman.

Webmaster : Have you written and / or recorded any songs that have not been included in the final version of Lust For Life ?

Ricky Gardiner : No.

Webmaster : How was it to go on tour with Iggy and Bowie at this period ?

Ricky Gardiner : For me it was an enjoyable holiday.

Webmaster : Do you remember a special gig more than the others ?

Ricky Gardiner : Philadelphia....the ladies were very demonstrative !

Webmaster : Why have you left the band before the Lust for Life tour ?

Ricky Gardiner : The breeding season arrived. So my wife Virginia Scott and I had 3 children.

Webmaster : You have recently released an album where you play new versions of The Passenger and Neighbourhood Threat. Is it nostalgic or just because you are still proud of having written such great songs ?

Ricky Gardiner : Naturally, I am proud of the songs but the truth is Virginia wanted to sing them.

Webmaster : Have you seen Iggy Pop on stage since you left the band ?

Ricky Gardiner : No.

Webmaster : Many fans are kinda nostalgic of the way Iggy played the Lust for Life songs before and they are disapointed by the way they have been played in the last 5 years. So, honestly, what do you think of the way Iggy plays The Passenger and Sixteen nowadays ?

Ricky Gardiner : One cannot make judgements of this kind, Everything changes-people-equipment-the times.

Webmaster : What do you think of all those modern rock bands who try to have a "Seventies sound" like The hives ,The White Stripes, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs ?

Ricky Gardiner : My daughter Annie (Frozen Waves ) let me hear some of their records. They sound honest and sincere.

Webmaster : Wouldn't it be great to make a special appearence at an Iggy Pop gig and play The Passenger and Neighbourhood Threat ?

Ricky Gardiner : As long as it was not to loud !!!!!!

Interview by Gui Brigaudiot. Copyright IGGY-POP.COM